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HGH is  a powerful aphrodisiac.  HGH restores sexual potency and sexualityin men.  Most women who use it also reported increased libido, heightened pleasure and the equivalent of greater potency in men, which for the female is multiple orgasms.  Increased HGH production also helps to alleviate menstrual and post-menopausal symptoms, and eliminate vaginal dryness. According to many of the physicians, the sexual changes with higher levels of HGH are striking, effecting both men and women.

It is well documented that HGH reverses the shrinkage of the heart, liver, spleen and other vital organs. Now it appears to regrow the sexual organ as well. The gain in lean body mass means that vital organs that have shrunk with age start growing again. After the age of 40, the penis and clitoris start to shrink, and studies have found that after consuming HGH, the sexual organs regain its size to when you were in your twenties. Along with the increase in size comes an increase in sexual function. HGH reverses the age-related decline of sexual vigor and performance. BEAUTISLEEP will help the body to produce more HGH and bring you back to your peak when you were 20! Actual studies have shown that high level of HGH can:

• Increase sexual potency and frequency by 75%
• Extend duration of penile erection by 62%
• Regulates menstrual cycle by 38%

pelvic muscles

The most important sexual organ lies not below the waist but above the neck. How we think and feel, greatly influences sexual function. BEAUTISLEEEP, because of its neurotransmitters (GAMMA AMINOBUTYRIC ACID) helps us to relax and sleep well. It makes you feel good. These neurotransmitters, which are the chemical messengers in the brain, have receptors all over the body. Sexual responsiveness is to a large degree determined by what happens with these neurotransmitters. The pleasure center lights up and desire and arousal flow naturally when we are relaxed and feel good not when we are stressed out or anxious.

That’s how Viagra works. It relaxes the smooth muscle to allow for increase blood flow.


Why wait to fix it when it is down?  Even for our cars we send it to the mechanic for regular servicing.  We do not wait for the car to break down to repair it.   We should do the same for our body.   There are many easy ways to keep us in top sexual condition and not wait for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) to strike us and then look for the blue pill.

All you need to do is keep your testerone level high.  Let me show you the 5 easy ways to increase your manpower:

    The bigger your waist the LOWER your testerone level.  You will see the difference with every inch you reduce.  With BEAUTISLEEP you can lose fat while you sleep.
    The more muscular you get the higher your testerone level.  BEAUTISLEEP helps to  reduce fat and increase lean muscles
    Decrease fat intake = decrease testerone level.  Not any kind of fat is good for you but  take  monounsaturated fats like fish and nuts.  Besides increasing your testerone level it also protect your heart.
    Increase intake of alcohol will diminish your testerone level.
    Mental or physical stress can easily depress your testerone levels. Stress accelerate production of  cortisol which can suppress the body’s ability to produce testosterone and use it within our tissues.  BEAUTISLEEP calming effect is excellent for people who are under stress.


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According to The Star dated 14 Oct 09,  Assoc Prof Dr George Lee(consultant urological surgeon at Universiti Malaya),  30% of the male population suffer from PE, that’s one in every three men aged 19 to 80. The percentage in South-East Asia differs little from that in the West, which is 28%. With this in mind, PE doesn’t seem that uncommon a condition anymore.

Lee says the International Society of Sexual Medicine defines PE as “ejaculating shortly after penetration” or “ejaculating before one desires to”. All studies of PE have shown that ejaculation happens within a minute or less. When it affects the relationship between partners, then it becomes a problem.

“We are gradually moving towards recognising PE as a medical condition. Before this, PE was thought to be psychological, that the person may be too anxious during intercourse. All sorts of methods were then recommended, such as certain physical manipulations and even anaesthetic creams and sprays, which were largely ineffective. Now, opinion has shifted to recognising the cause as a neuro-biological one.

“We increasingly understand that there are people who suffer from primary PE,” says Lee. “They are born that way and it’s because of their central nervous system. There are certain components in there that lower the threshold of climax. And the whole system is controlled by the seratonin system, which controls our mood, appetite, anger, pain and sexual pleasure.”

This is where therapeutic intervention comes into the picture, where seratonin inhibitors can be manipulated so that the threshold can be elevated. Anti-depressants are usually used, but there are actually no anti-depressants licensed for PE.

“Prozac, probably the most common anti-depressant, is used for this,” Lee explains. “But a majority of them are long-acting. So, technically that is not a suitable medication to treat PE. You want to treat PE during sexual intercourse, but not beyond that especially if the person suffers from side-effects.”

But now there is a new medication that is short-acting. It has already been tested, and is being marketed in seven countries.

“I’m predicting that it should be released (in Malaysia) by next year,” says Lee. “It is a prescription drug because it carries the side-effects of nausea, headache and vomiting, so it needs to be handled with care.”

“Hopefully, (with the treatment for PE) we will have a second sexual revolution that will change many men’s relationships with their wives.”

As Prof Lee, mentioned there is no anti-depressants licensed for PE.  There is a point  there as in the past no one associated depression with PE, so an anti-depressant drug is mainly for depression, and nothing else.

BEAUTISLEEP has a calming effect on the body system.  The ingredient GABA was originally discovered as a treatment for depression and stress.  Through the years new discoveries were made, including its ability to stimulate the  release of  HGH etc.  Taking BEAUTISLEEP makes you more relaxed and positive and with the release of more circulating HGH, your body becomes ‘young’ again.

Many consumers (men and women)  have experienced better sex with BEAUTISLEEP.

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