Beautisleep – Slimming And Fat Loss

As a bodybuilder, your primary concern is body fat and muscle. BEAUTISLEEP will have very good effects on your body because it enables your body to release more HGH naturally. Among bodybuilders, they don’t talk about fat, they talk about percentage of fat and percentage of lean muscle. BEAUTISLEEP is definitely good for bodybuilders because it does exactly that, losing fat and gaining lean muscle. Human Growth hormone also builds muscle by conserving nitrogen in the body. Ordinarily, when people lose weight, they excrete nitrogen, which is needed for muscle tissue. But HGH keeps the body from losing nitrogen. Second, it increases protein synthesis without increasing the breakdown of proteins in the cell. The net effect is a gain in lean body mass. HGH also stimulates muscle growth directly by increasing the number of muscle cells. It has been reported that high level of HGH can help to:

• Reduce your body fat by 72%
• Increase your muscle size by 81%
• Increase your muscle strength by 88%
• Increase your exercise tolerance by 81%
• Increase your exercise endurance by 83%
• Improve energy level by 84%
• Improve healing capacity by 71%
• Improve back flexibility by 53%
• Increase your immune system by 73%

Rest is  vital because  the key muscle building hormone (Human Growth Hormone or HGH) is produced more at times of rest and sleep giving your muscles everything it needs to recover and grow.

A strict diet also needs to be put in place but generally have a high protein intake. Lean meats and steamed vegetables are a good dietary choice.

Your six pack does not come over night. Remember this takes time but with constant effort you will reach your goal to lose a few pounds  and get your ideal shape.

Exercise sends a wake-up call to your pituitary gland.  Be active, take part in a running program or weight lifting, it will stimulate your pituitary gland to secrete higher growth hormone (hgh) levels. The way exercise works to stimulate growth hormone (hgh) is not fully understood, according to Stephen Borst and his associates at the University of Florida. They suggest such possible mediators as low blood sugar, lactate accumulation, and release of beta endorphins.

Exercise like running can  promote the release of growth hormone(HGH). Running is one of the quickest way to lose fat and get your ideal shape.  The increased lean body mass will stimulate your body to be more metabolically active and releases more growth hormone(HGH).   Another way is to run to the point where the activity itself is growth hormone-releasing. That requires a high level of conditioning.   Either slow jogging or fast running, such exercises will do wonders for your body.

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