Beautisleep-Beauty And Antiaging

A baby skin is soft, smooth, plump, with a kind of delicious squshiness.  That’s because a baby is mostly fluid, with water making up 90% of its body. By the time we reached adulthood, the body water is down to 60%, and as we grow older, it could come to a low 40% of our total body mass.   Genreally speacking,  aging is a drying out process from the juiciness of youth to the shriveled, desiccated, puckered face of old age. People who suffered pituitary problems will be HGH deficient and their skin will become dry and thin and many of them look old for their age.

HGH appears to have a tonic effect on hair.   So increasing your HGH level will improve the quality of the hair and regaining its original color.

Stay young by increasing your production of HGH in your body. Beautisleep helps to delay your aging process and  menopause.

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