I was talking to Ms…, one of the beautiful and glamorous Spa Q actress, a few days ago when she was in Penang. She complained to me about her throat and was worried about her singing performance the next day. I took the liberty of passing a bottle of NEIBAC5 for her to use on her throat. But besides using NEIBAC5 what are the preventive measures we need to take to avoid such reoccurrence in the future.

I used to laugh whenever I see the TV ad with the commander shouting until he lost his voice. It is no laughing matter when your income depends on your vocal chords. For those (especially non-singers) who don’t fully understand the importance of caring for the vocal chords I wish to share with you some information and tips.

Taking good care of your voice is a two-prong approach. Basically it is PREVENTION and REMEDY.


  • Avoid speaking at an elevated level especially when you are at a function and the band or DJ is playing loudly.
  • Yelling at the kids (or spouse) can be damaging as well.
  • Coughing or clearing your throat is even bad as they are very abrasive actions.
  • Many times when we did not warm up our vocal cords, we stress them, Llike an athlete needs to stretch and warm up before playing a sport, the vocal cords need the same attention too.
  • If your throat is sore after you sing, it’s a warning. Find out the root cause.
  • If your job requires you talk a lot, rest your voice for ten minutes every 2-3 hours.
  • Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your voice. Irritation to the vocal cords from cigarette smoke can lead to chronic laryngitis, vocal cord polyps, or cancer of the larynx. If your voice is valuable to you, smoking is just not worth the risks.
  • Some medications especially antihistamines / decongestants which are commonly found in cold preparations and allergy medications are very drying to the throat.


  • Always drink water at room temperature; cold water can damage vocal cords.
  • Off the aircon as it can dry out the air and your vocal cords.
  • Steam your throat regularly
  • Avoid menthol cough drops, it can dry out and irritate the vocal cords.
  • When you have phlegm,do not force it out with a cough. It will damage the vocal cords. Just humming or swallowing will be a better option to loosen and clear the phlegm



  • Spray NEIBAC5 in your throat area at least 3 times a day or more regularly if you have been talking too much or singing.
  • For singers spray NEIBAC5 before your performance.


  • Add a drop to your drinks to strengthen your immune system,
  • Steam your throat with PROTECUR100 water whenever you face some discomfort in the throat.
  • For singers, they should steam their throat everyday with PROTECUR100 water.

Beautisleep will be the next solution to all the singers and actress/actors before their beauty, aging and shape alarm them and effect their carrier.

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